10 Beautiful Fortress In South Korea That Is Suitable For Tourist Spots

South Korea is a country that is now famous for its entertainment in terms of sound arts to the role of art. From this attraction, South Korea becomes a favorite tourist spot for foreign tourists. From modern to traditional tours, it’s best for tourists.

One of them is the South Korean fortress, a historical relic that still stands today and is a silent witness of the battle of old.

It is now one of the tourist destinations. Here are the 10 forts in South Korea.

1. Hwaseong Fortress

Hwaseong Fortress was a fortress that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage in 1997. The fort was built in the 6 km Joseon dynasty in 1794-1796. The fortress built by King Jeongjo was a form of reverence for the death of the father of King Jeongjo.

Although King Jeongjo failed to move the capital to Suwon but managed to build a magnificent fortress and beautiful architecture, he entered UNESCO as well.

2. Seongheung Fortress

10 Beautiful Fortress In South Korea That Is Suitable For Tourist Spots

Seongheung Fortress is a fortress located in Buyeo-gun which was built during the time of King Dongseong. In this fortress there is a 400 year tree named Giant Zelkova tree located right in the southern part of the gate where this tree is also called the Love Tree.

It is also the filming place of the Great King Sejong’s KDrama in 2008. Not only can the flashback of this KDrama, visitors can also see the views of Imcheon-myeon as well as Nonsan, Ganggyeong, Iksan, and Seocheon.

3. Namhansanseong Fortress

The Namhansanseong fortress was one of the most important fortresses of the Joseon dynasty. This 12 km long fortress located in southeastern Seoul has 4 gates in every direction of the wind.

At each gate there is a Hyporus (2-storey house above the gate), a gate, Sueocheong (the Troops ‘ residence), and Haenggung (temporary palace). Visitors can enjoy historical times during the Joseon period through this fortress.

4. Seoul Fortress Wall

As a city that has entered the long history of South Korea, Seoul also has a fortress where this fortress of course serves as a form of self-defence of the invaders.

Built in 1396, the fortress was built over 18.6 km which has undergone many times of restoration. This wall is now a protected fortress because it has gates, water gates, and signal fire mounds or dune fire signals.

5. Geumjeong Mountain Fortress

10 Beautiful Fortress In South Korea That Is Suitable For Tourist Spots

10 Beautiful Fortress In South Korea That Is Suitable For Tourist Spots

Geumjeong Mountain Fortress includes the longest fortress in South Korea. Built in 1703, the fortress has a circular length of 17.3 km. but due to the Japanese occupation, the fortress was destroyed and rebuilt in 1972-1989.

Geumjeong Mountain Fortress is a great place to climb. Besides, there is also a cable car that visitors can enjoy.

6. Samnyeonsanseong Bull

Samnyeonsanseong Fortress is a fortress located in Boeun County and Chungbuk province. One of the areas that had the most battles during the Three Kingdoms period.

The construction of the fort at the time of Pemerinaahan Raja Jabi Maripgan has a beautiful view with beautiful mountains. Miraculalized, the fortress with a length of 1.6 km was completed only within 3 years at the time.

7. Munsusanseong Fortress

Munsusanseong Fortress was a fortress built during the Joseon era to protect the water that was there. The fortress was built in 1694 and is a witness to the history of battle with France in the year 1866.

This U-shaped fort is built with a length of 6 km with a magnificent view. One of them is the visitors can see the view of North Korea from this fortress.

8. Ganghwasanseong Fortress

Ganghwasanseong Fortress was built when King Go Jong moved to Ganghwado. This 1.2 km circular fortress was constructed to ward off the invasion of the Mongols.

It has been restored many times, the castle originally in the Goryeo dynasty built from the past land in the Joseon dynasty rebuilt from the mud. Then, it was restored back to now with rocks.

To enter the fortress there are at least 4 gates that are south with Anparu Gate, east with Cheomhwaru Gate, west with Manghanru Gate, and north with the gates of Jinsongru.

9. Geumseongsanseong Fortress

Geumseongsanseong is a fortress located on Geumseongsan Mountain and is thought to have been built in the Three Kingdoms period (57 BCE-676 M). The unique 6,486-metre fortress connects the Cheolmabong Peak, the Undaebong Peak and the Jangdaebong peak.

Not only that, this fortress also formed the boundary of two villages located on the border of the province. Geumseongsanseong Fortress was also equipped with the winding Damyang lake which was used to defend against enemy attacks.

10. Gongsanseong Gongju Fortress

Gongsanseong Fortress was built around the castle when the capital city was relocated in Gongju. The fortress was circular for 2.5 km, built in the Baekje period circa 234-678.

Some of the attractions of this fortress are the Imnyugak Pavilion, Manharu Pavilion, and Lotus Pond. In addition, visitors can enjoy Geumgang River.

If you want to enjoy the fortress, visitors will be charged 1,200 won or about 15 thousand rupiah for adults, 800 won or 10 thousand rupiah equivalent for students, and 600 won or 7500 rupiah equivalent for children. But it would be cheaper if visiting with a group.

Well that’s the fortress in South Korea that still stand up until now. Not only serves as a defence, now the fortress is used by residents as a vacation spot.

In addition to recreation, in the fortress, visitors can see the evidence of Korean struggle at that time.

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